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We are primarily a designer brand, which explains the special attention we pay to our products and the quality of service we want to provide.
For us, innovation is not a goal, it's our attitude!
We constantly seek new materials, manufacturing processes and designs in order to offer you the best product.



Our approach:

Altitude Eyewear places design at the heart of the brand: the genesis of each new product is carefully constructed by our experienced team.
We have conceived, planned, and realized our designs by bringing to them specific characteristics which give them their strong personality, all while retaining the spirit unique to our brand.

First, a pair of glasses must meet a set of specifications precisely related to the constraints of use for which it has been "programmed."
For this, we rely on the SKYLAB glasses program which offers a panel of nearly 20 solar protection solutions of the highest level.
We also have developed the LOGICAL FRAMEWORK concept, which constitutes our base of technical knowledge and provides us with practical design solutions to solve each new scenario that arises.
It's our pragmatic and rigorous side that we constantly challenge through research and field experience in order to develop new processes.





The second pillar of Altitude Eyewear's vision is the close attention we pay to answering more abstract and personal demands.
Indeed, a pair of sunglasses, like glasses, is first and foremost a part of you and your personality. We pursue our creative approach in like manner, placing the user experience and your feelings at the center of the design.
Once again, our collaboration with athletes is paramount.

Our designers are not just "assembly technicians" that produce prototypes with the singular goal of filling a need.
We are passionate about glasses, and we try to instill in our products a value that goes beyond their function.

Our design allows us to emphasize our difference.
Through design, we aspire to merge our commitment to the environment with our passion for art and technology, as we believe that this approach is synonymous with progress and allows us to better meet your desires.

Altitude Eyewear
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