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Description :

Altitude-Discovery frame:

ICEPARK is the mountain frame for men seeking personal growth.
Designed to provide maximum protection in medium to high brightness, it is equipped with
removable soft polymer shells for occasions when strong ventilation is necessary.
The ICEPARK model was designed for mountaineering in its every detail, right down to its slender temples which are well-suited for use with a helmet.
SKYLAB A4 polycarbonate category 4 lenses with flash silver provide him the best
Altitude protection.



201 14 10 Icepark black/black,  PC category 4 flash silver + AR

201 14 10 V Icepark black/green, PC category 4 flash silver + AR

201 14 11N Icepark blanc/noir, PC category 4 flash silver + AR

201 14 11 Icepark blanc/vert, PC category 4 flash silver + AR







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